Our Services
Life and property in safe hands

Our Security Services appreciate the importance of providing a secured environment for all its clients. We have a strong team of security personnel who are thorough with the recognized security protocols and trained in emergency & disaster management techniques, to keep men and material out of harm’s way.

They undergo specialised training in martial arts and unarmed combat, and make your facility an unconquerable bastion from unwanted intruders.

We undertake a thorough background check of all the personnel prior to recruitment, besides a host of other measures come as an added assurance.

  • 24 Hours Control Room.
  • All operations staff are provided with an extensive communication network.
  • Regular checks and patrolling by night staff.
  • Provision of additional security staff at short notice,whenever so required.
  • Immediate response on short calls
  • Independent communication system to all major units and important clients.
  • Our Security Managers are in regular contact with the clients, to provide assistance to their Security problems if any.
  • Action Plan during Riots & Strikes.
House Keeping
Ensuring Hale and Healthy interiors

Housekeeping is not limited to just cleanliness alone. It defines the 'Neatness and Orderliness' of work areas, tripping hazards, removal of wastages, debris, clutter & spills and other relevant fire hazards, from home and work areas. The work demands restructuring of the workplace and the storage facilities.

Good housekeeping is also a basic tenet of accident and fire prevention process. For ambiances that gleam with health and life, trust our exclusive and specialist housekeeping services for it. Our team is also armed with rodent and pest control techniques and latest disinfectants amongst others, to ensure that your facility remains ever clean, healthy and vivacious at all times. The team is committed to an extremely effective housekeeping process, as a standard ongoing operation.

    We strive to give the best Housekeeping services specially customised to suit your personalised requirements:

  • Permanently employed full-time staff
  • Latest cleaning techniques
  • Well trained employees for usage of Latest Equipment
  • Flexible cleaning schedules to accommodate 24/ 7 services as per the customers work schedule.
Keeping it up in mint condition

Wear and tear over a certain period of usage is a common attribute for any facility. It calls for regular checks and timely repairs to maintain the poise of the facility. We are endowed with a qualified team of specialist Engineers, Plumbers, Electricians, Masons and Carpenters, who comprehensively address this domain of maintenance, to the standards as so desired by the client.

Our Engineering & Maintenance team comprises of well qualified candidates with sound knowledge in handling different equipment, (with requisite hands on approach), in application of latest technologies for maintaining excellent conditions for the specified areas. They extend their expertise and help, in optimization of equipment & devices, machinery and structures, thereby reducing departmental budgets to achieve better maintainability, increased reliability and overall accessibility of equipment.

Apart from preventive 'maintenance checks' on a daily basis, Kapston also offers its services on call. We have designed customized software to schedule, plan and track maintenance deliverables on 'as required basis'.

    The list of services at Kapston broadly encompasses :

  • Office and safety equipment maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM)
  • Plumbing and Carpentry services
  • Corrective Maintenance (CM)
  • Situational Maintenance (SIT)
  • Predictive Maintenance (PdM) etc.
Office Support
Sourcing the best

Our company is an established brand name for sourcing of talent for contract staff to support their basic administrative chores and office support. The Business Support Services Wing, undertakes talent search for 'right personnel for the right job', based on the candidates performance at the aptitude test and interview. We also train & groom the candidates by imparting requisite skills, before employing them at sites.

A prior tracking of the candidates past history, work status and conduct with the previous employer is ascertained, to 'ensure and assure' our esteemed client, that the candidate they appoint is genuine in all aspects of work culture.

    We provide human resources and support staff for facilitating service towards:

  • Customer Support
  • Reception
  • Telephone and EPABX services
  • Visitor handling
  • Conferences
  • Back Office Operations
  • And a host of others
Facade Cleaning
Flair for opulence

A Facade of a facility is your company’s first point of contact with the outside world. So a well-maintained facade becomes a necessity to spread positive vibes about the company.

We have incepted innovation in facade cleaning, and are capable of extending automated facade cleaning services, yielding perfect results, besides traditional facade cleaning procedures customized to your requirements for total cost effectiveness. We employ the best machinery with highly skilled personnel to enable you to enjoy the elegance of your beautiful architecture – fresh and new as ever.

No matter how big the structure is, we undertake facade cleaning with efficient ease. We use the most advanced equipment and the right blend of special cleaning agents, mixes, mild abrasives and lubricant agents to keep the facades at their dazzling best. We also take special chemical sealing measures to make the glass retain its stain-free texture for longer durations.

Pest Control
Ensuring Hale and Healthy indoors

A pest-free facility is as crucial as the daily cleaning services to achieve a perfect balance between hygiene and cleanliness. And our team armed with rodent & pest control techniques and latest disinfectants, fights a variety of pests to ensure your facility remains healthy and vivacious. We also cater to a diverse array of industries like Agriculture, Food & Beverages, Hotels, Healthcare, Apparel, IT and Entertainment etc.

We also ensure all safety parameters of our pest control team with hi-end safety suits, as we strongly believe, that a skilled pest controller offers better services only when he ensures his own safety first.

    Our pest control services, promise you a Healthy environment free from pests, which possibly stand as a cause for many hazardous diseases. Our services include:

  • Termite Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Rat Control
  • Flies Control
  • Roach Control
  • Bed Bugs Control
  • Bird Control
  • General Disinfestation
Relish the joy of serving

With our Pantry services at your disposal you bring home hospitality that matches the finest hotels in the country. Our qualified team of Pantry Executives are groomed with etiquettes, warm manners and above all absolute hygiene standards, so that one can relish their choicest of palates to their heart’s content.

Our Pantry services are inclusive of Maintenance and Re-stocking as part of its services, starting from layout and design of your kitchen pantry, to extending satisfactory smiles, meal after meal.

We strongly believe that 'Health is Wealth' and our Pantry services wing strongly emphasizes this fact that food is not one that fills the stomach, but one that satisfies the moods along with the variety of dishes cooked and served. We impart the science of Cooking & Pantry maintenance in our training sessions, which enables us to provide the best team ever – the reason why the Professional Pantry services from Kapston, serves you food that is healthy too. Their experience and expertise are perfectly blended to provide you the finest standards in food and excellent pantry maintenance, for you to be rest assured as always.

Landscaping & Gardening
The craft of reviving outdoors

Backed by a team of expert landscape architects, horticulturists and experienced support staff, Kapston has pioneered the art of crafting the most spectacular landscapes, which inspire a reign of 'boundless revival' for the body, mind & soul. Besides which, the competence of catering to a holistic array of garden maintenance works makes Kapston an 'end-to-end' solutions provider in the realm of landscape designing and gardening.

We offer specialised staff pertaining to this sector on temporary and permanent basis to meet the requirements of keeping a garden or landscape healthy, attractive, clean and safe. The personnel are specialized to handle customized tasks such as Gardening, Driveway and Path maintenance, lighting, proper drainage flow, lawn care, swimming pool cleanliness and many other aspects related to protection and improvement of Garden Landscaping, topsoil enrichment and Plantations etc.

Canine Brigade
Fast and ferocious

Kapston rears one of the finest security dog squads of the region. From sniffing out a potential threat to tracking down a suspect's trail, intimidating an unsolicited intruder to protecting their assets and property, Kapston inspires the best-in-class canine security.

By employing the best breeds, top-class dog trainers and expert handlers, the canine brigade at Kapston is undoubtedly the smartest race amongst its contemporaries.

Kapston's all-round approach on providing ultimate security brings you an added advantage of 'Dog Squads', one of the specialized security wings of Kapston, providing you with the finest breed of Labrador Retrievers, trained to meet the specifications as demanded by their respective clients. It has a team of very professional dog trainers and kennel of both "sniffer and tracker" dogs, to provide extra safety and security to your premises.

  • Sanitization
  • Watch Dogs
  • Dog training
  • Dog boarding facility
  • Immediate response on short calls
  • Pedigree Pups for sale
Technology for a safer tomorrow

Leveraging the best of available security technologies, Kapston provides ‘e-security solutions’ to address a wide spectrum of security requirements including consultancy, planning, installation, operations and maintenance.

With an innovation driven approach, Kapston excels at delivering value to its clients by inspiring easily adaptable, user-friendly, cost-effective, robust & foolproof security systems regimes, when compared to our peers.

    As a one-stop e-security solutions provider, Kapston brings you the choicest of security equipment in the following areas:

  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • Biometric / Access control Systems
  • Vehicle GPRS / Walkie Talkies
  • Electronic safety lockers + Video Door Phones
  • Digital Signage/Video Walls
  • Guard Tour Systems and Monitoring Systems
  • Fire Tour Systems
  • Metal Detectors
  • Door Frame Metal Detector
  • Hand Held Metal Detector
  • Under Vehicle Searching Mirror
  • Central Monitoring Systems